Anti-cheat - Casual.TFPlaying with cheaters isn't fun. At least, not for most people. And unfortunately playing without cheaters isn't usually an option in Valve Casual.
That's one of the reasons we created Casual.TF- a community alternative to Casual featuring both vanilla and enhanced servers and of course-- it's not MvM!
We take a more proactive approach to combatting cheaters than Valve Casual and other alternatives do. That's why we created Casual.TF's 5-layer commitment to stopping cheaters.

Some extremely unlucky cheating attempts end before they even begin. We have lists of known troublemakers gathered from a variety of sources and are working on constructing a system to directly identify cheating clients. Most very poor cheaters inadverdently make themselves known immediately.

We have created and actively maintain our own custom-brewed anti-cheat which goes beyond cookie-cutter things like SMAC. The system is designed to eliminate as many cheaters as it can but still have little to no risk of false positives. The system is entirely closed-source so cheaters can't simply peek at the code to avoid, but it's run on the server side so no need to put a black box on your PC. We always update and improve the system based on information we see on the servers.

Automated systems are never perfect so that alone is not usually enough. We are also currently working on an expanding team of moderators with the skills necessary to spot and ban cheaters. Most middle-school dropouts couldn't operate a cheat client to save their life so it does make it rather easy but we're watching just in case! We don't like playing with cheaters anymore than you do.

And the most important way we stop cheaters-- is you. It's important to report cheaters as soon as you see them. We have a voteban system on our servers and you can always send reports in mediums like our Discord server. For fastest processing, include the Steam profile URL, and IGN of the suspected cheater and the server IP.

Through this, Casual.TF has been able to mitigate the piles and piles of cheaters that are currently present on Valve Casual and similar. While no anti-cheat system is flawless, it definitely isn't easy for those intent on ruining others' experiences.
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