FAQ - Casual.TF

Frequently Asked Questions about Casual.TF

What regions do you host servers in?
We host servers worldwide-- in United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

What type of servers do you host?
We are currently hosting both Vanilla Casual and Enhanced Casual

What is Vanilla Casual?
Vanilla Casual is set up to be just like Valve Casual, with no changes. Play without bots in just good old TF2.

What is Enhanced Casual?
Enhanced Casual is like Casual but with some highly requested quality-of-life changes from the community, which are currently: no random crits, no random bullet spread, halloween mode, and alltalk.

Do I have to download anything to play?
Nope! We don't require any custom assets and there's no need to download an anti-cheat either as the whole system is server side.

Will I be able to use (X mod)?
Our servers have sv_pure set to 0, so you can use most mods on our servers. However, sv_pure 0 still allows blacklisting certain obviously abusive items.

What maps does Casual.TF run?
We run all Casual maps-- although the voting pool can only pull from maps in the same gamemode

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