Change of ownership as of May 2022, stay tuned!



How will your Casual.TF experience look like?

Our goal is to provide an almost 1 to 1 equivalent experience as Official Valve Casual with three exceptions: We are open to exploring different types of Casual, but at the moment, our focus is purely on replicating Valve Casual.
When will it be ready?
We are creating everything from scratch to perfectly suit our needs; this takes a lot of time. We have no official date yet, but our current goal is to release before 2023.
What regions?
For our first release, our main focus will be Europe, North-America and Asia. Other regions will be considered as long as there is a strong demand for it.
Will there be custom content?
We want to provide a simple click-and-play experience with no additional content downloads. We might explore supporting custom community maps in the future, but for now, we will stay true to Valve Casual.
Where can we get news?
Currently only on our website and Twitter. We are working on a Discord for our community, but it is not ready yet.
Are any past staff/admins involved?
Anyone who was involved in Casual.TF pre-shutdown is no longer involved in Casual.TF. This does not mean they can't gain Staff again; we are simply starting from scratch.
Do you need help?
We are excited to get things ready as soon as possible, and progress is being made steadily. We believe to be on track to reach our goals, and our current team is sufficient for this job. Once the enormous task of getting all of our systems up and running is complete, any future development will be easier and faster.