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Join 35 other players on Casual.TF!
Casual.TF is a community alternative to Valve Casual
We offer:

• Real Vanilla Casual servers with no mods or changes

• Our Vanilla Casual servers work exactly like Valve Casual does, except without being MvM

• We also have Enhanced Casual with some minor changes like no random crits/no random spread/halloween mode/alltalk

• Truly casual gameplay-- no queue requirement, no leave penalties, no leaderboard, no stopwatch mode, etc

• A non-invasive anti-cheat commitment-we have a commitment to stop cheaters without making you install a rootkit

• No clutter-- our server does not have random chat messages. All chat is generated by players and we will NEVER show you adverts!
Welcome to Casual.TF - we're a startup Team Fortress 2 server group aimed at providing a community alternative to Valve Casual. We're a relatively new group but would love it if you joined us.

We're here to offer you:

Real vanilla servers - no mods, no changes, no gameplay changes, no colored chat spam or popups

• We also have enhanced casual if you prefer that -- random crits/spread are off, alltalk/halloween/vote scramble are on

• If neither of them sounds fun, we also offer a custom server creation tool to play exactly how you want

• A custom server-side anti-cheat so you can enjoy playing Casual--not MvM! Our anticheat has stopped hundreds of attempts at cheating from the backend--no downloads!

• A rewards system which is simple to use, earns rewards faster than our competitors and no tryharding - simply join the server and fill up this bar for a chance to win a key. Simple enough.

• Add bullet points here, Jim