Servers - Casual.TFWe offer two ways to join CasualTF-- optional queueing and direct joining
Optional queueing allows you to queue to join a game and only get matched in when other people want to play too, meaning you never have to join an empty server
Direct joining means you may simply join any server that is not already full. We usually recommend directly joining from this page as our IPs are subject to change but it also works from the server browser or Steam Friends joining

The queue is only available to logged in users.

Alternatively, join a server directly by clicking on its IP:
Note: Please don't add our servers to favorites, as we are constantly improving our server list and the IPs are subject to change.
Please always join servers from this page (casualtf server tag also works)
If you play on our servers a lot, you can always bookmark this page.

United States

IPPlayersTypeMap Casualpl_upward Casualkoth_king Casualpl_barnblitz Casualkoth_nucleus Casualcp_mossrock Casualpl_pier


IPPlayersTypeMap Casualkoth_nucleus Casualpl_upward Casualkoth_suijin Casualpl_swiftwater_final1


IPPlayersTypeMap Casualcp_fastlane Casualpl_upward

Note: We will have South America and Asia servers on June 3rd

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